COVID19 salon protocol

*Any COVID19 and or flu symptoms of you or your housemates, stay home.

*Clients can wash their hands in the restroom, wash your hands 20 seconds with water and soap, dry  them well, towels go immediately in the trashbin.
*The therapist will open the door for you, touch as little as possible and follow the instructions. *We do not shake hands.
*Speak as little as possible.
*Shoes off upon entrance please.
*Cough and sneeze inside your elbow.
*Use paper tissues to blow your nose, throw them away and wash your hands. You can do this in the restroom.

*It’s not mandatory for us to wear a facemask however we have them available upon request and we want to prevent any unsafe moment. It’s  to keep us and you safe.
*We schedule appointments in a way that you do not meet other clients.
*We massage only by appointment, please arrive on time and wait outside.
*Max. 2 persons in our practice at the same time, the therapist and 1 client.

*Avoid rush hours in Public Transport. If it is difficult to keep 1,5 meters distance, leave.
*Stay home as much as possible, travel if possible by bike or walk.
*Only use Public Transport if all other options are not possible.

*Preference pre payment wireless.
*If you feel more comfortable bringing your towels, you are free to do so.